SETH KINMONT “Self as Crystal Ball…”

AUSSTELLUNG 12. April - 29. Juni 2019   KÖLN

Ausstellungsansichten © by Simon Vogel, Köln

Ausgewählte Werke (zum vergrößern auf Foto klicken) © by Simon Vogel, Köln

Model for Evolution of Consciousness

“Self as Crystal Ball…” was drawn in 1994. The initial thought was of a made object that stands outside of the body to reflect on. This reflection then changing the inside of the body and then in turn the next made object etc…

The first thought was of a perfect sphere. The initial attempt to make this was not that. It failed on all fronts. So each test is another attempt. The titles reflect the difficulty of that time, getting larger and larger until life-size.

Raw, Broke, Lost, Cracked, Empty, Mirror, Self as Crystal Ball.

Seth Kinmont